analog chimerism (accumulation)

For this project in an ‘Expanded Media’ course, we were instructed to focus on an accumulation, both visually and procedurally.

ecoSystem (2015)

A Processing-based interactive simulation of ecosystem dynamics, investigating the human predilection for control and the impact that it has on natural systems (positive an negative). stills


Genetic advancements and bioengineering provide understanding and control of organismal systems, ways that their natural capabilities can be utilized, and how we can enhance features of humanity. Manipulation of organic life becomes more and more facile and the range of possibilities demands that we make expedient decisions about the ethical use of altering fundamental componentsContinue reading “CUT&PASTE: a CRISPR DIY guide”


HYPERACCUMULATOR is a cinematic, visual exploration of a fictional robot designed to extract heavy metals from the water. Contamination of freshwater sources by heavy metals such as nickel and lead has become a pressing issue in areas scarred by industrial production. This work aims to encourage discussion regarding the recursive use of modern technology forContinue reading “HYPERACCUMULATOR (2015)”